Weed Vaporizer Instructions How To Properly Load Your Bowl

How to Pack Your Vape Bowl the Right Way

Properly packing your vaporizer with a good dry herb is one of the most popular ways to enjoy marijuana but doing it wrong can do more than ruin your buzz; it can damage your device and waste your money too. How you pack your vape determines its performance, not to mention the amount of vapor you’ll get with each drag. In fact, loading your bowl the right way has the following 5 benefits:

  1. You get dense vapor with every hit, even towards the bottom of the bowl.
  2. The vapor you drag will be smooth and even.
  3. Each hit will taste good.
  4. There will be some welcomed vape uniformity to the smoking session.
  5. Your lungs will thank you (and so will your friends).

So, now that you understand WHY loading your bowl is so essential, let’s talk about how its done. While some people mistakenly assume that simply shoving some dried herbs into the bowl will suffice, marijuana connoisseurs know that there is an art to it. In general, weed doctors who use vaporizers to smoke flowers understand that there are at least 3 very important steps to loading a righteous bowl.

The Secrets to Top-Notch Toking

While not all vape devices are created equally, and thus some of them require different methods, the general consensus is that enthusiastic tokers need to follow these easy steps to get the most out of every bowl:

  1. Grind It Down

A majority of the vapes on today’s market require a fine grind to produce a healthy vapor. For top performance, break up your buds as much as possible. For an even consistency, use a grinding tool. While not all vaporizers require a super fine grind, getting a good vapor from each hit often requires an increased surface area for the heating element. That, my friends, is created by a delicate yet dense sprinkling of herbs. So, if you’re having trouble getting a decent hit, try breaking the herb down a little more and then repack the bowl.

TIP: It can be helpful sometimes to dry your herbs out a little more than usual. Because vaporizers use a much lower temperature than conventional combustion smoking methods, extra dry herbs help create a thick vapor for each hit. Furthermore, the lower temperatures mean that the bowl won’t burn up as quickly as it would with a flame applied directly. Keep in mind that it may require some trial and error to determine the best moisture consistency for your buds, especially if you use more than one vape device.

  1. Load It Up

Properly grinding your weed is only half the battle. You’ll still need to know what to do with it when you’re done. Get an excellent drag each time by loading up your buds like a pro. Here’s step-by-step guide on how you do it:

STEP ONE: Pack the herb chamber by loading one ample pinch at a time, that way you can monitor the volume easily.

Step TWO: Cram the bowl rather tight to prevent any air pockets and promote even heating. You may even want to use a tool to pack the herbs down a bit.

STEP THREE: Do a quick test run to see how well you did with the grind and load. If you experience any issues, simply unpack the bowl with a scraper and start again.

STEP FOUR: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the vape you’re using, and some of them operate differently and don’t require the same methods mentioned above.

Remember that unground weed packed tightly may have the opposite effect. If you pack coarse flowers tight, the airflow could become restricted and your hits will suffer as a result. Furthermore, a properly ground and packed bowl will keep each hit tasting great, so save yourself a bad aftertaste by loading your vape like a pro.

TIP: To know whether your vape bowl is packed properly or not, look for the following characteristics:

  • You can hold the bowl upside down and little to no herb will fall out.
  • The airflow isn’t blocked even though the bowl is packed tightly.
  • Your ground herbs stay in place after they’re heated.
  • There is no whistling sound when you take a drag.

Your experience with any given vaporizer will depend on your ability and willingness to feel things out for a bowl or two. Additionally, it may be necessary for you to consider the type of heating element used in your vape to get the best results. Let’s explore the main differences now.

The Difference Between Convection and Conduction Heating Elements

In the vape world, especially where portable vaporizers are concerned, there are two main types of devices: those that use conduction heating elements and those that use convection. Like a good home oven, each one has its unique pros and cons. However, for the purpose of this article, we are only going to discuss the differences in how each heating element affects your bowl packing routine.

Convection Connection – Vapes that use convection are the ones which usually work best with a coarse grind and a loose pack.

Conduction Suction – Vapes that use conduction heat are the ones which typically require a fine grind and a tight pack.

TIP: The kind of heating element used in your vape should be listed on the box. However, it would be wise to double check the type of heating element you have just to be sure, since some manufacturers mislabel their products and thus, leave smokers frustrated when they pack their bowls incorrectly.

The Final Verdict

While some people may think that using a vape to enjoy marijuana is pointless, a good vaporizer that’s packed right can preserve your stash while giving you the same buzz (if not a better one). In fact, vaping your weed has numerous health and economic benefits, not to mention it’s usually far more delicious and socially accepted. Enjoy your vape the way it was intended by packing your bowl properly each time you smoke.